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Who are we and what are we about?

Theatre South Productions was founded in 1992 by as we believed that Glasgow needed an amateur dramatics club that was passionate about putting on professional-standard musicals, who understood that enjoyment and the social aspects were an important part of the club, and where there was no place for the ‘committee politics’ so prevalent in other drama clubs.

All these years later and this philosophy still underpins what our club is about.

Producing our shows

First and foremost, we are about singing, dancing and acting. The energy, enthusiasm and talent of our cast, combined with the vision of our production teams and their amazing ability to get the best out of everyone involved are the main reason why audiences enjoy our shows so much.

We don’t accept that because we are an amateur dramatics group, we can’t produce shows of professional quality. That’s why the lighting, orchestra, sound equipment costumes and sets used in our shows are also the same as those used in professional shows.

A very sociable drama club

A close second to the performance, comes the social aspect of the club. After all, when you’ve got over 40 young guys and girls, most of whom have the type of personalities you’d associate with those who enjoy being on stage, just try to stop them enjoying themselves!

From our weekly rehearsals, to fund raising events, rehearsal weekends away, club social nights and the many ad-hoc parties throughout the year, having a good time is really important to the club, and so far we’ve not had to try too hard to make this happen. We don’t think this will change any time soon.
Ask most drama club members what the worst thing about their club is, and they say club politics; power-crazy committee members who are only friendly to people when it’s election time, and for whom running a drama club is about making sure they and their mates are alright, and forget anyone else….. does something stink about that or are we the only ones who think so?

At Theatre South Productions, the club is run by the club, for the club. We don’t carry out elections or appoint Secretaries and Presidents and Secretaries to the Presidents…. etc. We just have people that … ‘do’, who keep the club ticking over and who make sure we have everything in place to keep putting on great shows.

Join Us 

Come along and join our club

It's the people in our club that make our drama club great.

See the section 'About Us', and if you’re interested in joining drop us an email. We're always on the hunt for new enthusiastic members, so whether you fancy a leading role, chorus work, or backstage, we want to hear from you!

Although our main focus is on producing great shows, all our members thoroughly enjoy the friendly atmosphere and social side to the club, so please don’t feel worried about whether you’ll be made welcome – we’re not about ‘cliques’ or making new people feel uneasy, and the fact that every year we have plenty of new members joining us, means you’re not going to be the only new person, so fear not!

Who we're looking for

The Theatre South Productions cast is made up of members of a wide range of performing abilities.

Performing members of the club will be required to sing, dance and act, however, although we prefer members to have experience and/or talent in some or all of these areas, the main qualities we look for in new members are enthusiasm, energy and commitment.

If you think these qualities apply to you then get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

In case you’re wondering, most of our members are aged 18 to 35, but if you fall outside of this range don’t be put off, we’re happy to consider all ages, so long as you’re over 18.

We also need people who can help with the production side of our shows. If you’re interested in helping back stage, sourcing props, being a part of the production team or working a spotlight for the show, please just email us at theatresouthproductions@hotmail.com.

The Audition Process

So...what will you have to do for your audition??!

Please prepare:

1) A verse and a chorus of a song of your choice (please provide backing music on CD/Ipod or sheet music should you require it as there will be a pianist on the day)

2) A short 1-2 minute monologue or piece of script. You are not required to learn the speech by heart, but it is probably best if you choose a speech you are familiar with, and which you are comfortable performing. There are books of audition speeches available in the drama sections of book stores, libraries, and also online. If you need someone to read opposite you, one of the panel will be happy to assist.

Member Testimonials What our members say about the club

I’d never done anything like this before but I was an alright singer, and I knew people who had been drama groups before and liked it, so I thought I’d give it a go. I ended up getting a part in my first show and LOVED IT! Being on stage gave me such a buzz and I’ve never looked back.
Daniel, Newton Mearns, 30

When I was young I went to dancing lessons and took part in a couple of kids shows, plus our entire video collection was made up of musicals, so I guess there was always a part of me that fancied being on stage! I joined Theatre South in 2000 through friends-of-friends and have met loads of fantastic people and had a lot of fun. And the dancing is a really enjoyable way to keep fit. It certainly beats slogging your guts out on a treadmill!
Clare, Netherlee, 29

I’ve been in other am-dram societies before, but TSP is different on a whole load of levels. The big thing that hit me was how friendly everyone was, especially compared to other groups I’d been in and I’ve gained some great friends through the club. In terms of the shows themselves, even after a few rehearsals I was amazed how great everything was looking, everyone is so enthusiastic and so keen to put on a great show. I’ve never been in a club like it and never want to leave!
Lorraine, Eaglesham, 21

I’m not exactly someone who goes after the limelight but I loved being in the chorus in Jesus Christ Superstar and generally being part of a such a great show. My friend was in the group and after hearing what a laugh it was, I was persuaded to come along. After being at work all day it’s great to be able to do something totally different in your free time, it really takes you out of yourself. Oh, and the talent’s amazing…ahem!
Kev, Shawlands, 26

I love musical theatre and it’s so good to be able to do shows where there’s such a commitment to giving the best performance possible. When you’re singing with a great orchestra, with professional lighting, sound and staging and knowing the whole thing looks and sounds amazing it is a brilliant feeling.
Mel, East Kilbride, 25

Rehearsal Information Where and when we rehearse

We usually rehearse on Wednesday and Sunday evenings in the south-side of Glasgow, and although not all cast are required to every rehearsal, you will generally need to be available on these evenings.

Rehearsals take place at the Clarkston Scout Hall, 21 Aidans Brae, Clarkston, Glasgow, G76 7AP.

We are located at:

Theatre South Productions


We Rehearse at:


121 St Aidans Brae



G76 7EP

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